Traveling through Buffalo


From Cali to Canada we traveled through Buffalo, NY. We stopped at the famous Anchor Bar, known for their origination of wings. On our way to the restaurant we traveled through parts of Buffalo that truthfully had me both scared and sad. I know many places in upstate New York that have been hit hard by the economic downturn but this was the worst I have seen.

How is it that we have allowed so many buildings and people to fall to shambles? What are we doing to keep this from happening in the future and to other cities?

It feels like its time for a revolution; from our education systems to our banking and corporations. It’s up to us as small businesses to be authentic, to listen to our clients, and educate on the importance of healthy lifestyles. We can make a difference!

Are you ready to join the reviveolution?

Inspired by Color


Color, it’s everywhere speaking to us through its subtle language. We’re moved by it even when we’re unaware. It’s a physical representation of energy…remember wavelengths?

The colors you use in your office and branding make a difference. What is it you want people to feel and think when they come see you? Choose colors that help support that experience. You may even want to mix things up a bit!

Interview with Dr Greg Barsten

In this Revive on Tour interview, James Maskell speaks with Dr Greg Barsten to find out why location makes a difference in your practice and how to improve ancillary sales.

What changes have you made or would like to make in your practice? We’d love to hear your experience in the comment section below.

Interview with Wellness Within Founder Patti Brown

On our Revive NYC Tour, I met with Patti Brown, on of our clients in Sacramento, California. Patti Brown is the founder of Wellness Within, a non-profit organization for individuals and families coping with cancer.

In this video Patti shares with us the challenges of starting a non-profit and the tools and people required for starting any new venture.

What challenges do you experience when starting a new project or venture? Who’s help do you have? Share your thoughts below!

Completing Projects


Have you heard of Hearst Castle? James and I were there yesterday on our way down to San Luis Obispo in California. If you don’t know the story, briefly, William Randolph Hearst was a big media mogul in the early 1900s through newspaper, radio, and magazines. His ‘dynasty’ still caries on today through many publications and copyright material.

When growing up Hearst would visit their ranch in San Simeon, Ca with his family. It became one of his most coveted properties and after the passing away of his mother in 1919 William Randolph Hearst was able to transform the ranch into his castle.

The development of this castle was a continual work in progress. Over 28 years of adding, changing, and adjusting his plans, the project was still incomplete. It is in fact an unfinished project today. It’s a gaudy museum of all that Hearst collected and bought over time with no real sense of purpose except to entertain and amuse.

I share this story because it’s a great example of how the ever changing mind can you lead you down a path of incompletion. It may be fulfilling to be in a continual process of creation but it takes time, energy, and money…all which tend to be in short supply these days. There will always be opportunity for new editions and updates to what you have now, but completing a project is liberating and adds more value to your clients than leaving a museum in your wake.

Mixing it Up


What’s in your tool box?

The Mother of Invention

Do you know what this is? It’s a bathtub, a bathtub made out of two big industrial sinks welded together and some makeshift feet. It felt funny to be standing inside of it, but you know what? It works.

It made me giggle to think about someone coming up with this idea, finding a way to perhaps save money or salvage these sinks. I love the creative mind, don’t you? We can see the world in a new way when we approach it through the eyes of creativity.

Just a shift in perspective…


Launching a New Endevour


We’re on our way back from Fort Eerie Canada. I’m typing this on my iPhone as James drives us back to NYC for a few day layover before hopping on a plane over to Cali.

So what brought us to Canada? One of our best clients is launching a new business and asked if we could help out. She’s a Revive client but for this trip it was more about Energetix, Energetix Canada to be exact. Rosemarie Kranics is launching Energetix Canada.

Rosemarie is a great practitioner and a brilliant business woman. She understands that starting a business, or even running one, requires a lot of energy, juggling numerous balls, and a team that can get behind the vision and wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. This is where James and I come in.

James, among many things, does sales. He gets it. He knows that true sales isn’t what we’ve been trained to believe it is but rather about discovering needs and providing solutions. Sound familiar? And we know for a business to be successful and get off the ground requires sales.

To help launch Energetix Canada James worked with their new sales reps and helped fill two local education events as a segue into the Energetix Canada College. It was a good start to what feels like a new opportunity for bioenergetic medicine in Canada. Practitioners are hungry for this knowledge and want to come out of isolation and connect with their peers. For James and I, we’re excited to be a part of a vision that’s helping to change the health paradigm across the globe.

There’s still much to do but we leave on a good note to return in a few weeks for part one of the college. So I leave this article with a question for you…what is you’re vision and who’s help do you need?

The Gift of Health

Sometimes a simple act of kindness and empathy can have a ripple affect that you could never imagine. In this video interview, with Dr Mark of the Meno Clinic, we hear a powerful story of how he was able to transform someone’s life by giving the gift of listening.

What are you doing to make a difference in your community? What would you like to offer that you’re not yet? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Improve Your Social Media Exposure

Are you looking to increase your likes and followers? Below is a list of ways to help direct clients to your social media accounts:

Email Invitation. Of course, a quick way to tell all your clients at once is to send them an email. You can either use the built-in invitation email from Facebook or Twitter or use your standard email program (just be sure to put your clients’ email addresses in the ‘bcc’ field so they don’t see all your clients’ email addresses!). To make it easy for your clients, add a direct link to the social media accounts you want to share with them.

During an Appointment. There’s no better way to tell your clients than face-to-face. You’ll probably have their full attention and you can explain all the great benefits like the important and valuable content you’ll be sharing and a great way for them to stay in touch when they’re not in the office with you.

Voicemail Greeting. Put it right on your voicemail greeting! Be sure to tell them the direct URL or where they can go to connect with you.

Email Signature. Add a link on your email signature so your clients see it every time they get an email from you.

Business Cards. Of course, put it on your business cards, flyers and any other marketing collaterals you have.

Front Door. Put it on your front door, at the front desk, or wherever you think clients are likely to see it.

When Clients Call. This may be a good idea for you if you would like to use your social media as a way to further educate your clients and particularly if they are asking a general health related question. More people may want to know and if they post their question on Facebook it will get more traction and save you time in the long run.

You’ll want to use your judgment regarding when this is appropriate and when it is not, so as not to cause your clients to feel unimportant or marketed to.

What are some other ways you have shared your social media accounts with clients or patients?